Ben Mosher

Partly cloudy

The work found in Partly Cloudy uses common materials, fabrics and papers in bright colours, cut and printed with graphic forms. By repeatedly doodling light-hearted graphics, they have become instinctive to me. Quick cartoonish representations of the fuzzy and elusive condense into solidified gestures of stars and clouds crisscrossing matter hanging in limbo and hopping through dark skies into the blue.

My drawings and prints of seemingly trivial graphic forms become complicated by setting them into the motions embedded in my sculptural and video works. Clouds rise and shift while fabric and paper supported by their rudimentary armatures flutter flag-like laying bare an awkward potential for flexibility and precarity.

Ben Mosher creates lighthearted drawing and sculptural works, efficiently pulling from everyday explorations and mistaken or forgotten messages. As a self diagnosed dyslexic, Ben embraces the mistakes and idiosyncrasies of their written language, so that the works examine and upset ideas of ‘simple’ and ‘stupid’.